Sex from a biblical perspective

Sex is a gift from God like any other He gives and is meant to honor Him by keeping it within His will. Marriage is the boundary He gives to contain it since it is a covenant made by two people to commit to each other. Even then He only champions marriages between one man and woman with Him in the center to act as an intermediary and a shared source of integrity to protect both parties. For sexual purity to be maintained love for both God and the other partner comes into play. This means not getting involved with other people in a way that might risk losing the relationship and also not comparing them to others in any way having loved the person past physical attributes only. Lusting after other people is also considered infidelity because it would hurt to think that your person secretly desired other people,at least intentionally because we all fall short of God’s glory making repentance a never-ending process but all the time aiming at reducing its frequency. Again sexual purity doesn’t just happen but its developed with time as a continuous conscious effort to learn about the biblical perspective of sex and unlearn the world’s perspective. Unfortunately some people have been normalized to it in our sexually charged societies even from childhood making it harder to break and having already suffered some of its consequences. Sex is one of the most vulnerable and intimate situations one can ever be in. It binds the two parties together mind, body and soul and is a sure way to develop soul ties though not the only way. With the right person this is a desired effect. With the wrong person it brings unhealthy attachments and taking on the other person’s or people’s negative traits sooner or later . The world promotes a hookup culture where sex is considered physical and takes away the emotional responsibility that comes with it. Porn and sexual perversion is normalized to lead to even more forms of sexual sin. The world sets you up for failure because when you do sin it condemns you. This is how you know the system is from the devil because its meant to keep people in bondage one way or another either in sin or condemnation. Either way God is still greater than all our failures put together and multiplied millions of times over. He’s not only gracious to forgive but He also enables us to overcome our past weaknesses after repentance. He also takes away the shame that comes from having fallen short of His glory. It doesn’t matter how much you sin in comparison to another, the ultimate determinant for God’s punishment is a lack of repentance.

Why I believe in Jesus

Yes,I have grown with the knowledge of God and been raised in church to some extent. I have always believed in God, His existence and nature though not too comprehensively. A lot of things I’ve done have been influenced by this mainly being kind to people out of the fear of God. It’s easy to argue that’s not a genuine motive but what goodness do we have of our own to go out on a limb for others even when we stand to lose. The end justifies the means. If you have to be scared straight isn’t it good enough. After all these learnt habits become natural for us which is good. If I work hard because I fear poverty it’s a good enough reason and it’s a bit of the same reasoning. Similarly,I have seen my life with and without God (a conscious effort to have an intimate relationship with Him – seeking to know Him for who He really is and laying your heart bare before Him to mould as He sees fit). I’ve seen just how foolish my own wisdom is and how weak my own strength is. Trying to fight God left me drained and depressed to the point where depression would’ve killed me weren’t it for God saving me from my pride. But here’s the thing, it’s the same for everyone, rebellion against God leads to destruction, sooner or later, in one way or another. We judge each other for sinning differently even if we’re all not right with God. We all need God and He made provision through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ and it’s my prayer that everyone realizes this, repents and turns to God by His grace through faith in Jesus.

The toxic nature of secrets

We’ve become a hard people,tough guys and girls everywhere. Everyone’s a hot deal in one way or another or at least want to be because they need some respect put on their name. The streets just have to know that there’s a new sheriff in town. We won’t show our emotions because we’re no sissies. But fact is this generation of ours filled with baddies and self love has the highest depression and suicide rate ever. If we’re doing so good why are we so broken on the inside. Unless looking good is all that keeps you alive then we should be thriving. The Bible says a joyful heart is good medicine. But we can’t be cheerful if all we do is pile up negative emotions and thoughts that come by us every single day. We say trust no one but yourself, but when the days are dark and the voice inside your head is screaming that you can’t make it, you don’t want to trust it. You want to trust the still small voice that says maybe just maybe I still can and I’m worth something. That’s the voice of God fighting for you in your weakest moments. He doesn’t shout but He’s loud enough for you to still hear Him even amid the noise around you. When you’ve been running from Him, He still calls you back home, where He wants you to be safe by His side, without a worry or fear in the world. I love you always sounds good but when it’s from another person not yourself when you say it in a mirror for days on end to keep yourself from accepting that you just might be breaking down. Still when you know it’s from a person that’s proved it to you it feels that much safer. And no one has proved themselves more than God,having his own son bear the shame and guilt of others for them that He saves them from Himself.

Jesus as the way He makes.

We say Jesus is our help in times of trouble,our refuge and our fortress. We call Him the way maker and miracle worker. We believe this but do we understand how. He is the way that He makes. His word is the way that He makes for us. Nothing He asks of us goes against His word. Whenever we’re hard pressed and we need help following His word is what sets us free. So if you think there’s a way to serve Him in sin that’s not it. If it’s taking a path to gain something that goes against His will, it’s not it. His way is the perfect way that may have challenges because of the fallen world we live in but nevertheless it doesn’t make it wrong. Following God’s word may seem crazy at first but you understand why it’s the only one that makes sense once you’re started and learn more and more the longer you stay in it truthfully.

It’s a lot to this life. There’s love and pain and grief and joy. An entire array of feelings and experiences. The good, the bad, the ugly. We all say we have our life stories that define us and have moulded us into what we are and do and what people see us as and perceive from that. On top of that ,we all say that there’s things we want. Things we think will make us better or happier: people, places, experiences, you name it. We chase after these things relentlessly. We have faith in them and stand proudly and unapologetically for them. But what really does satisfy but love. True love that doesn’t end, doesn’t get tired or change. The only real love that does exist is God’s love. Relentless, unconditional, unending, never shaken. Love that picks you out of pits of hopelessness, emptiness, lies and darkness. Love that takes you in in your dirt but cleans you up. Even over and over. A love that does no harm in any way. Powerful in every good way imaginable. Enough to make a vile heart loving for eternity just like it’s Maker’s. Nothing anyone can earn but a gift freely given to everyone to be freely accepted. Isn’t Jesus good for His sacrifice for humanity’s sake.